About DFW Elite Car Storage

At DFW Elite Car Storage.com, we love cars as much as you do. Typically, the owner of the company has more than one million dollars worth of his own cars stored at the facility. As a company, we are dedicated to collecting, preserving, and enjoying fine automobiles and promoting camaraderie among collectors of these vehicles.

An Auto Memorabilia Museum on the Premises

The DFW Elite Toy Museum is located on the premises and includes an outstanding collection of automotive toys and automotive memorabilia that car collectors and auto enthusiasts will enjoy.

The collection also includes some models used in German driving schools. These built to scale working models of automotive systems are worth a visit.

A Car Collector: The Owner of DFW Elite Car Storage.com

The owner of the premier DFW car storage facility is Ron Sturgeon, a dedicated car collector for 30 years who has run auto-related businesses from the same location for more than 15 years.

Ron Sturgeon is a Fort Worth based businessman who taught himself to repair VWs as a teenager and launched a VW repair shop right out of high school. He built AAA Small Car World into a very successful business specializing in the repair and sale of foreign cars.

In the course of running his shop, Ron accumulated quite a few parts cars and noticed that he was making good money selling used parts from these cars. Alert to opportunity, Ron gradually entered the auto salvage and used parts business.

His salvage and parts business grew from one employee start up to one of the largest auto salvage businesses in the United States. In 1999, Ron sold the business to Ford Motor Company. In 2003, he and a pair of partners repurchased Ford's auto salvage division-at a time when it was losing a million dollars a month.

By refocusing the division and making sound management decisions, the trio turned the business around and sold it to a large publicly traded company.

During his career in auto recycling, Ron collected classic cars, exotic cars, and automotive toys. The facility that he created to store and care for his collection of cars is the same facility used by DFW Elite Car Storage.com. Over the years, the people at DFW Elite Car Storage have developed significant expertise in storing classic cars, storing exotic cars, and storing collector cars in a way that preserves their value.

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