Long-Term Vehicle Storage

We also have indoor car storage. Need long-term storage for your car? Indoor self-storage units are your best bet for safe, secure storage. Smaller vehicles may be able to fit in a 10×15, while most vehicles will fit comfortably in a 10×30. Note that indoor car storage is the most expensive option. Oh and let’s not forget that we have the best motorcycle storage around.

Vehicle storage is the most cost-effective and reliable way to keep your automobile in mint condition until you need it again. Vehicle storage options are dedicated spaces that are optimized for storing most automobiles, whether it’s your classic car or the family boat. Vehicle storage spaces are often characterized by easy access and other features.

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Motorcycles will fit in traditional self-storage units that run at least 10 feet deep. Your car is likely one of the most valuable and functional things that you own, and sometimes you need a safe place to keep it in your absence. Self-storage facilities across the country have stepped up to meet the storage needs of car owners by offering safe, monitored space for you to keep your car.

The process of renting a vehicle storage space is the same as renting any other self-storage unit. Be sure to contact your facility to understand specific requirements they may have before you store your vehicle. Proper long-term vehicle storage means more than simply letting it collects dust in a stuffy garage.

The benefits of vehicle self-storage include superior protection from the elements, convenient move-in, move-out and accessibility, ultimate flexibility: Choose from indoor, outdoor, covered or uncovered vehicle storage options. Some outdoor car storage spots have canopies under which you can park. These spots cost more than regular uncovered outdoor spaces but will give your vehicle extra protection from rain, hail, dust, and dirt.

Whether you simply need a place to park it outside for a couple of weeks or are looking for a second garage to store your classic car, a self-storage facility near you may have exactly what you need. If you’re new to car storage and are unaware of the various options available along with the procedures necessary to protect your car while it’s in storage, you’re in the right place. Two of the greatest environmental dangers involved with storing your car outside is sunlight and precipitation, and these threats are greatly reduced with the addition of a roof.

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 Still, your car may be exposed to some sun and precipitation while under a roof, and dust and dirt will remain a concern, so if you’re looking for the maximum amount of protection while storing your car, it’s best to turn to indoor car storage. Vehicle storage is here and it could be yours. Indoor vehicle storage Dallas is not that far from you and it would be where you go next to store your car or motorcycle. And if you are located in Dallas and you are looking for military car storage in Dallas we are the number one in storing vehicles for military personnel. 

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