Choose Wisely Long Term Car Storage

After years in the auto storage business, one thing we have noticed is that people do not spend enough time choosing a long term car storage company.  We will explain why we say that in this article. We will also give you some things to consider when you choose a long term auto storage company.  Call us at (817) 999-0980 for more information.

What you should be looking for in car storage

Two criteria which everyone should be considering as they look for car storage are security and cost!  In other words, what is the storage going to cost you, and how secure will your car be, and how secure you want your car to be.

The cost-criteria does not have an easy answer

You can pay as little as $100 per month for long term car storage, and you can pay as much as $400 per month.  The cost is tied into the amount of security you are looking for, and the number of premium services you sign up for.

Security is a nebulous topic

What is security?  A downtown parking garage gives the impression of security and yet cars are vandalized and stolen from them daily across this country.  For that matter, your neighbor’s locked garage looks secure, but it would take a car thief two minutes to break into that garage with a crowbar.

Generally speaking, the more security you want, the more your secure vehicle storage is going to cost you.   Video monitoring, fences, gates, onsite management, these types of security measures will be reflected in your cost for sure.

So really, the question about long term car storage comes down to this . . .

How much is your vehicle worth to you?

Let’s talk about our company, Dallas Car Storage, to illustrate a point.  We are considered to be a collector car storage facility….an antique car storage ….in other words, the cars we generally take care of usually cost $100,000 or more. Those cars represent a considerable financial investment by their owners, and expensive investments must be protected and cared for.  Our customers think nothing of paying us $350 per month to care for their 2005 Lamborghini while they go on vacation for a couple months. They know when they return their investment will be in great shape.

But what if you own a 2005 Toyota Camry?  What if you own a 2005 VW, or a 2005 Jeep Wrangler? How much is that investment worth to you?  Will you spend $300 per month to keep your VW totally safe and secure, or will you just make sure your car insurance premium is paid and declare yourself good to go?  Just park that Toyota in your home garage and  call it good?

Those are your considerations. There is no easy answer regarding long-term car storage.  You must choose an option based on your financial situation, the value of your car, and the amount of security you want.  No one else can make that decision for you.

You have a lot of options to choose from. Call us if you need help sorting it all out.

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