What Does Secure Vehicle Storage Mean?

There are many different interpretations to the term “secure vehicle storage.”  Let’s take a look at the options you have, and the pros and cons of those options.  We are Dallas Car Storage, and looking after cars is our business.  You can call us with any questions you might have; our number is (817) 999-0980.

Worst to best, starting with worst

Security means different things to different people.  To some people, storing a car in a garage that has a padlock is secure vehicle storage, but give us a crowbar and two minutes and we will show you the fallacy of that thinking.  The pros of this option: it is cheap and easy.  The con of this option: it really isn’t secure at all.

Downtown parking garage

This may or may not be inexpensive.  It may or may not be secure.  It all depends on the downtown parking garages in your area. It is our experience that it is pretty easy to just walk into most downtown parking garages, and if that is the case where you live, then it is not secure at all. The other “security” factor to consider is this: how secure if your car from the weather?  Long stretches of very hot weather, or very cold weather, can damage the surfaces of your car, and there is no protection like that in downtown parking garages.

And the same is true of airport parking!

Self Storage facilities

If saving money is a factor for you, but you still want secure vehicle storage, we highly recommend a  mini storage unit in a self storage building.  You can rent a unit for your car storage for around $100 per month which will include climate controlled storage. Thus your vehicle will be safe from vandalism, theft, and inclement weather.

The ultimate secure vehicle storage

And then we move to the top of the ladder regarding secure vehicle storage, finding a place like Dallas Car Storage, to store your car. Dallas Car Storage is known as a collector car storage facility. At any given time we are storing vehicles which are appraised at a quarter-of-a-million or a half-million dollars.  The absolute best in indoor auto storage is expected, and the absolute best in vehicle storage is delivered.

The pros: your car is completely safe.  It would be easier to break into a bank than it would to break into Dallas Car Storage.  We have climate controlled storage, and premium services, meaning your car is completely safe while you are away.

The cons:  It is expensive!  You can plan on paying between $250-$400 per month for the very best in vehicle storage.

Is it worth it? The answer to that question depends upon the value of your car.  A half-million dollars worth of vehicle is probably worth premium, secure vehicle storage.  A 2000 Toyota, probably not worth it!  But maybe there is emotional value in that Toyota?  It just depends on the owner of that car.

Questions? We are here to answer them if you have any. Dallas Car Storage, the very best in secure vehicle storage.


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