Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to rent a storage space for my classic car or other vehicle?

  • A copy of title as proof of ownership of the stored vehicle;
  • Proof of insurance for your stored vehicle or a signed letter indicating that you understand that Dallas Car Storage does not provide any coverage on your stored vehicle;
  • A key to your vehicle – depending on your preference and choice of parking spots — we many need a key to your stored car;
  • A preferred payment method for your vehicle storage account;
  • A list of designated persons authorized to remove the stored vehicle with copies of identification for each;
  • A drain pan to be placed under your vehicle; Pans are available at any auto parts store or can be purchased from us when you bring in your car to be stored.

What do I need to do to prepare my vehicle for storage?

A list of things that should be done prior to storing your classic car or other vehicle at Dallas Car Storage can be found in our car storage requirements.

What sorts of vehicles can be stored at your facility?

The majority of the cars stored at our facility are antique cars, classic cars, exotic cars, and other collectible investment vehicles. We provide enclosed climate controlled secure storage for a variety of different kinds of vehicles. If you need storage for any kind of vehicle, please call 817-999-0980 orcontact us.

How do I arrange a time to tour your DFW auto storage facility?

Contact us at 817-999-0980 for a guided tour of our car storage facility in Fort Worth, TX. Tours are available during our regular business hours.

Why should I store my vehicles at Dallas Car Storage?

Dallas Car Storage is owned by a car collector and car enthusiast. We specialize in the care and storage of antique, classic, exotic, and investor automobiles and can give your car the best secure, climate controlled car storage available in DFW. Our staff and facility will store your car with the care that only fellow car enthusiasts can give it.

Our Dallas car storage facility has state-of-the-art security, easy access to stored vehicles, and a client-focused staff of fellow car enthusiasts.

Call us at 817-999-0980 to arrange a tour of our facility or to rent a storage space for your classic car, exotic car, motorcycle or other vehicle.

Can I store my vehicle at your Dallas car storage facility for periods less than a year?

Car storage rates are based upon a 1-year lease; however, storage clients may cancel the lease without penalty with 1-month’s notice. Visit Dallas car storage pricing for complete single vehicle storage pricing.

Rates and Payment Information

Standard vehicle storage is $1925 per year if paid in advance. Car storage is $175 per month for standard, and we bill it in advance quarterly, or $250 for climate controlled storage ($225 for long term upper rack climate controlled storage). If you pay annually, you can leave at any time with 30 days notice, though we require a minimum rental period of 3 months. (so you cant pay annually and then leave after 2 months) If you are looking for long term car storage in DFW. Elevated rack is for long term storage only, you can remove the car once per year at no additional cost. Storage agreements will be extended automatically with customers cc on file unless previously arranged.

Can you do an automatic bank draft to pay my storage fees?

Not at this time.

What payment options are available for renting a storage space in your car storage facility?

We accept payment in the following forms:

  • Credit Cards – Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Discover
  • Checks
  • Cash

Do you allow maintenance to be performed on stored vehicles at your facility?

No repairs are permitted at our facility except minor repairs and routine maintenance. For a stored vehicle that will not start, we can assist in arranging flat bed or enclosed transportation to a repair shop. We regularly inspect stored vehicles for fluid leaks and will notify you promptly should your stored vehicle have such a problem. You must repair any leaking vehicle promptly upon such notification.

During what hours will I have access to my stored vehicle?

Regular access to stored vehicles is available from 9am-4:00pm Monday-Friday, and by appointment on the weekends. If you would like to pick your car up after hours or on the weekend, please give us 48 hours notice. There will be a $25 per hour fee for after hour appointments, with a 2 hour minimum.

Do you do routine checks on the vehicles?

Our staff can check tire pressure, battery, and do other routine checks at your request and approval per agreement or you may add a person to your access list to do routine maintenance on your car at our DFW car storage facility. We can also offer services such as starting your car monthly, charging your battery etc. Please inquire if you are interested in these services.

Do you provide any services to prep a car for a car show?

Yes. We can arrange for your car to be detailed or assist you in getting a car prepped for a car show or other event.

Do you offer multi car discounts?

We offer a 10% discount for 3 or more cars, when paid by credit card on file, and an additional 5% for storage amounts paid at least 6 months at a time.

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