A Car Storage Primer: The Cost is in the Detailss

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about car storage pricing.  No, not everything there is to know about quality vehicle storage, but everything you NEED to know to make an informed decision.

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Car storage costs are tied into details

To illustrate the above statement, let’s start at the bottom of the car storage ladder, work our way up rung by rung, explain why each is priced the way it is.

Car storage, at its cheapest, is basically some guy’s garage, the guy doing you a favor,  letting you leave your car there for a month while you travel through Europe, or for six months while you travel the seven seas on your sailboat.  You might slip him a couple bucks, but basically this type of storage costs you practically nothing, which is also the degree of care your car receives.  It is not terribly secure in the garage, it can easily be stolen or vandalized, and it is not protected against extreme temperatures.  If you are lucky, you will return from your trip and your car will be in one piece. The battery may be dead, and the tires may be flat, but at least it wasn’t stolen and you paid nothing.

In other words, no details=no cost!

The next level of car storage

You can take the “parking garage” option for long-term parking.  The security is lax but at least it’s better than your buddy’s garage, and you will pay per monthly for it, although the price won’t break the bank.  It is better than nothing but still not terrific.

Or you can try mini storage

A popular option today is to store your vehicle at a mini storage facility.  For about $100 per month you will find secure vehicle storage, safe from theft or vandalism,  and toss in about twenty extra bucks and you can have climate controlled storage.  This option is in no way inexpensive, but you definitely get what you pay for, so in our opinion it is worth the cost if you drive a vehicle of any considerable value.

And the top of the food chain is . . .

Finally we have a quality car storage facility like our own Dallas Car Storage, what is known as a collector car storage, or exotic car storage.  At places like Dallas Car Storage, you will receive topnotch car care.  Yes, you will pay $250 per month or more for the indoor auto storage plus premium services, but it is well-worth the cost if you drive a highly-valuable vehicle.

So there you have it, bottom to top, and the costs you can expect to pay. What it all boils down to is this: how valuable is your car to you?  The value of your vehicle will usually determine the level of car storage one is willing to pay for.

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