Collector Cars Deserve the Best Collector Car Storage

It is a simple statement, one we stand by: collector cars deserve the best collector car storage available.

We should know! We are Dallas Car Storage, the premium collector car storage facility in Dallas, and it’s our business to deliver on that statement.

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What’s the point?

We know car collectors who have spent $500,000 for an exotic car, but then look to save a buck when it comes time for car storage.  Really? A half-million dollar investment stored in a less-than-secure facility, or a facility that does not have climate controlled storage, or a facility that does not have premium services?  Really?  What possible sense does that make?  Heck, we know car collectors who store their investments in their own garage.

We simply do not understand why you would do that!

What you should look for in collector car storage

First of all, stop pinching pennies for antique car storage.  Treat your collector car like the investment it is, and give it the very best.

The first thing you should look for is secure vehicle storage.  It should be impossible for anyone to access your car other than you and the car facility employees. There should be video monitoring. There should be a state-of-the-art security system.  If you had a suitcase with a half-million dollars inside of it, you wouldn’t store it in your bedroom.  You would find a safety deposit box to keep it safely tucked away.  Your collector car deserves the same consideration.

Next you absolutely must have climate controlled storage.

Excessive heat and cold will damage most surfaces of most vehicles. In addition it will damage the electronic components and the computer in our car.  It can lead to flat tires and dead batteries.  If you are storing a car in any area where temperatures can be extreme, you absolutely must protect it with climate controlled storage.

Look into premium services

You don’t want your collector car sitting idle for months.  You want the engine to be fired up periodically.  You want a car cover over it.  If bubble storage is available, you want to at least consider it.  You want fluid levels checked.  Remember, this is an investment.  You must treat it as such. Ignoring special care for your collector car is like deducting value from that car, and who in their right mind would do that?

A practical example

Consider this scenario; you have a vehicle worth $250,000.  You want indoor auto storage for six months.  You consider a storage garage downtown, a place which charges $100 per month but is not very secure.  You also consider a place like Dallas Car Storage, which will charge you $250 per month for secure vehicle storage.  $1,500 for storage at Dallas Car Storage for six months:; $600 for that downtown storage garage.

You opt for the less-expensive option, but when you return you find the paint job has been damage during a heat wave.  A new paint job on you collector car is going to cost you $5,000.

How smart is that decision to save money looking now?

Dallas Car Storage is here to answer your questions and to give you the very best in collector car storage. Call us today!


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