Is Car Storage Right for You?

The term “car storage” can mean so many things. Technically those who park their car in their attached garage have “car storage.”  But also downtown garages and airport garages and mini storage units . . . those can all be described as car storage, or vehicle storage.  Correct?

For the purpose of this article, let’s eliminate an attached garage from this conversation.  Let’s assume you are going away for a prolonged period of time, or you do not have access to a home garage . . . let’s then ask that same question: if car storage right for you?

This article can help you to answer that question.  We can help you as well. We are Dallas Car Storage, and our number is (817) 999-0980.  Give us a call!

Why pay for vehicle storage?

There are two main reasons why people pay for vehicle storage: protection from the weather, and protection from vandalism/theft.  Leaving a car or truck unprotected for six months to a year simply is not a wise decision.  Prolonged extreme weather can damage a car, and prowling car thieves would just love to congregate around your car sitting in the driveway. We do not need to discuss this further; the fact that most cars could benefit from some sort of security is a no-brainer.

But is it worth it to do so?

And when we say “is it worth it” we are really saying is your car worth that type of security?  Car storage really comes down to value.  A 2005 Nissan Altima compared to a 2005 Lamborghini . . . which deserves the better car storage?  If you have to pay $250 per month for premium, secure car storage, and you are the owner of that Nissan Altima, are you willing to pay for that car storage?  The Lamborghini owner will pay it because he is looking for collector car storage, but a 2005 Altima?  How much are you willing to pay for protecting that car?

Obviously these are subjective decisions you must make.  Maybe that Altima is your favorite car and you are willing to pay $250 per month for premium car storage services.  Maybe you would be better off renting a storage unit at a mini storage facility.  And maybe you would be better off parking it in your own garage and getting a sturdy padlock?

Only you can answer that question, and that is the whole point of this article.  You must determine the value of your vehicle, and then consider all car storage options available to you.

About Dallas Car Storage

We are Dallas Car Storage, also known as Fort Worth Car Storage, and we are what is called a collector car storage, or antique auto storage facility.  We offer the very finest in secure car storage and climate controlled indoor auto storage. Our premium services go the extra step to insure that your vehicle will be in perfect operating condition when you return from your trip or deployment.

When you are looking for the very best, Dallas Car Storage should be your first phone call for quality car storage you can count on.

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