Premium Car Storage in Dallas/Fort Worth When You Want the Very Best

For those of you looking for car storage in Dallas/Fort Worth, be aware that there are two kinds of car storage available to you: basic car storage and premium car storage.  Let’s explore both and hopefully we can help you decide which is best for you.  Afterwards, if you have any questions, you can call us at (817) 999-0980 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Basic car storage

This type of indoor vehicle storage can best be described as “common.”  It includes vehicle storage in a mini storage facility, in a parking garage downtown, in airport parking, or even in the garage of a friend.  It is characterized by the fact that all it provides is a shelter in which you can park your car while you are away on vacation or perhaps business.  It may nor may not have air conditioning.  It may or may not be secure vehicle storage.  What it does promise is that your car will be out of the elements and somewhat safe from vandals and/or thieves . . . but not totally safe.

The cost of such storage ranges from about $75 per month to close to $300 per month, depending upon where you choose.  For those on a tight budget, going the “mini storage” route probably provides the best return on investment.  A 10’x25’ storage unit can be rented for about $100, give or take a few bills, and you can rest in the assurance that your vehicle will be secure and well-taken care of while you are away.

Premium car storage

This is the top of the line in vehicle storage . . . the very top of the line!  It is also often called collector car storage, antique car storage, or exotic car storage, not that your vehicle has to be any of those three things. The point is you are paying for premium security and premium services when you opt for premium car storage.  You can expect to pay at least $250 per month for the basic premium package, and more if you opt for premium services.

For that money you usually receive state-of-the art security.  You also receive climate controlled storage.  The premium services can include a car cover, a drip pan, periodic tire and battery inspections, and even the latest in protection, bubble storage, if you choose.  Obviously the premium services will cost more, but people who choose premium car storage are not usually concerned with the cost of incidentals.

How do you choose?

What is your vehicle worth to you?  That question should be your guiding light in choosing between basic car storage and premium car storage.  Is your vehicle valued highly? Is it a collector or antique?  Is it a high-end luxury car?  If you have a considerable investment in your vehicle, quite possibly premium car storage is your best option to protect that investment.

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Dallas Car Storage, now known as Fort Worth Car Storage, has thirty years of car storage experience. When you want the very best for your car, choose Dallas Car Storage!

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