What Can You Expect to Pay for Collector Car Storage?

With regards to collector car storage, this old saying might apply: if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it.

Those who own collector cars, antique cars, and/or exotic cars, don’t much care what collector car storage costs; they just want to know that storage is the very best available in their area.

We have all the information you need regarding collector car storage and its cost. We are Dallas Car Storage and our number is (817) 999-0980. Call us with any questions you might have.

So, what DOES collector car storage cost?

Let’s kick the thousand pound gorilla out of the room right now.  The prices we are about to quote are our prices at Dallas Car Storage, but they are pretty  consistent with the industry in general.

Our basic car storage package is $250 per month.  That includes secure vehicle storage and climate controlled storage.  In addition, there are a number of premium services available for those who wish extra attention. Those include the following:

Car Cover – small    $50.00
Car Cover – large    $100.00
Trickle charger (customer can furnish)    $35.00
Spill pads/oil pan    $10.00
Taking vehicle down from upper rack   2 per year free     $50.00

Silver Package
Monthly $15
Keep log book showing dates of service
Check tire pressure – air if needed
Check battery charge – charge if needed – if assessable
notify if major maintenance is required

Gold Package
Monthly $35
Includes Silver Package
Move vehicle ( to eliminate flat spots on tires)
Start vehicle monthly (run A/C, heater) to keep valves, fans and compressors functional

Platinum Package
Monthly $85.00
Includes Silver and Gold Packages

So, minimum cost, $250 per month, and top end cost around $400-$500 per month for long term auto storage.

Is it worth it for you?

This is the question you need to ask yourself.  How much is your vehicle worth and does it deserve the very best in care?  Value is a bit subjective when dealing with car owners.  For sure, a 1925 Ford, fully-restored, is a valuable car, but it may not hold any more emotional value to its owner than a 2019 Toyota Camry to its owner, especially if that Camry is the first car for that person who had to work two jobs to buy it.

Generally speaking, though, we are usually talking to car collectors when we talk about the best in vehicle storage.

Is that you?

Call around your area and compare the storage packages and cost with the information we shared with you from Dallas Car Storage.  If you can find comparable car storage at the same price, or lower, we strongly suggest you choose that auto storage company.  If it matches the service and care we offer at Dallas Car Storage (now known as Fort Worth Car Storage) you can rest assured you are paying for the very best in collector car storage.  Our owner, a car collector, and our thirty years of experience, all point to the fact that Dallas Car Storage is the best.  That’s the standard you should be aiming for Texas car storage.

Questions? More information needed? Call us and we’ll help you today!

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