What to Look for in Vehicle Storage in Dallas Area

There is vehicle storage in the Dallas area, and then there is quality vehicle storage in the Dallas area. If you are interested in the latter, this article is for you.  Read it and then call us at (817) 999-0980 for more information. We are Dallas Car Storage, and we have what you need in quality vehicle storage.

The first thing you need is secure vehicle storage

Why pay for car storage if it is not secure vehicle storage? You can have unsecure vehicle storage by simply parking your car in your garage or driveway, but you want more, correct?  You want to know that while you are away your car is safe from vandals and thieves, so make sure the vehicle storage facility has a quality security system. This should include a computerized entry system and video monitoring at the very least.  The best auto storage facilities are like Fort Knox for cars, impossible to enter without proper authorization.  At Dallas Car Storage, we believe if you are going to pay for security you should receive the peace of mind that quality security provides.

Are there premium services available?

There is more to long term auto storage than simply a space to park your car.  Premium services are always offered at the quality car storage facilities. These include car covers, periodic car inspections, tire inspections, battery inspections, and even bubble storage if desired.  We have heard horror stories of people coming back from vacation or a business trip only to find their car has flat tires or a dead battery. That will not happen at a quality car storage like Dallas Car Storage.  Make sure you inquire about premium services.

Are those who operate the car storage “car people?”

This is one of those intangibles we believe is very important.  Car people love cars. Car people want the best for every car they care for.  At Dallas Car Storage, our owner is a car collector.  He keeps his very expensive vehicles at his own facility, and he hires people who love cars so that they will care for customer vehicles with tender loving care.

Insurance considerations

Make sure you are clear on insurance matters. What does your own auto insurance cover during car storage, and what does the car storage facility cover with their insurance. Be diligent about this now and you won’t have a headache should damage occur.

Deal only with locally owned and operated facilities

If a problem occurs, you don’t want to deal with a company with headquarters a thousand miles away.  Locally owned and operated is important when problems arise.  Contacting local owners and managers is much easier, and we have found them to be more reliable.

Go through that check list and you should be fine when you need Texas car storage in the Fort Worth/Dallas area.  Call Dallas Car Storage for the very best in car care while you are away. We are locally owned and operated and we will not let you down.

Our reputation as a collector car storage facility depends on us keeping that promise.

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